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Associates Degree in Nursing – an Adventurous career Option

Associates degree in nursing – think of it as an airline ticket.

A career in Nursing can be seen as anything from cleaning bedbans to doing the work of angels! It can also be a ticket to a lifetime of adventures.  The easiest entry is an associates degree in nursing.  Nursing is no doubt one of the most sacred professions on earth. After a few years in the profession, something magical happens to the psyche of the dedicated and they develop an aura of serenity.

In the nursing profession you see life at its worst and life at its best at ground level.  You get to learn to know people at their core and develop a deep appreciation for your own life and earlthly journey.

Nursing is an extraordinary career with a wide scope of opportunities.  There are various professional courses with which you can start a career in health care.  An associates degree in nursing is probably the easiest entry into the health profession.

The next step is to increase your level to Registered Nurse RN, followed by a BA in nursing Degree. Doing it this way, each step is small and each is a fully recognized qualificatioin in the health profession. Here are the basics about the associate degree in nursing qualification.

  • It is a two year degree program.
  • It is also known as associate of science in nursing.
  • The degree is awarded at a community or junior college.
  • You can get an online associates Degree in Nursing

The degree  makes you eligible for the examination of national council of licensure examination NCLEX.

Nurses who pass this examination typically get higher scores in the Registered Nurse (RN) qualifications.

These skills and techniques add extra ratings and plus points in your CV and earn you credits towards the next step, a BA in Nursing degree. This knowledge will help you enhance and maintain your profession.

Approaching a nursing career with a little bit of imagination, your prospects become exciting

The obvious nursing career option after completing the degree is your destination in any hospital.  An associate’s degree in nursing is recognized anywhere the world, so worldwide travel becomes an option. Opening new ways of learning and exploring new techniques introduced in the world of medicine.

A nurse is never bound to just one specialized field of medicine.  You you get chance to learn what a qualified doctors dream of.  Travel jobs are not only bound to United States, you can choose any region of the world, whether metropolitan city or a remote location. It all depends upon your courage.

Thinking just a little out of the hospital box you can explore nursing options in:

  • Private Doctors practices – there are so many private clinics established in the country or globally. Plus there are also non government organizations working for the benefit of people. You can put your share and work for the betterment and benefit of suffering people.
  • Corporations – on-site medical officers – with advancement in corporate on-site medical camps there are much more options for nurses to pursue a career in the field.
  • Nursing on ocean liners – It is the duty of the ship owner to hire one or more nurses depending on the number of travelers in the ship. This one is also a great career choice for you to use your skills in something new and different from the mainstream.
  • Private nursing for the elderly – This is the real task that takes your patience and tolerance.   Treating an elderly requires special skills and a very cool temper. You must be very serene and show love and empathy to the elders.
  • Private nursing care for the wealthy – This is for those who really want to make money out of the profession. Think three months on, three months off for very good money.

Your Associates degree in Nursing is a travel ticket!

This degree offers you a vast horizon to explore. As a travel nurse you get chance to explore many different places, gaining both life changing experience, insights and vast medical experience.

When you get jobs in different places you get a chance to meet and work with people with diverse cultures and outlooks. Medicine will always be a developing science.  We know a lot, but there is a vast body of knowledges still to explore.  As a travel nurse, you work with many professional and highly skilled doctors and get a chance to continue to learn new ways and techniques from all over the world.

Choosing travel nursing as a career path after completing your associate degree in nursing means enhancing your skills to a level where they are not only beneficial for your patients but also for your own self and your career.  This options is no doubt a determining step of your life, life changing for yourself and life changing for your patients.

Other nursing fields include:

  • Certified registered nurse RN anesthetist
  • Nurse practitioner NP
  • Clinical nurse specialist CNS

All these career options and many more are open to you.

Whatever you do, approach your associates degree in nursing with a sense of purpose, love for the profession, love for your patient and a great deal of imagination to make it rewarding for yourself.

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